Feb Club Emeritus

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February 1

                    New York 

February 2

                   Ramsey, NJ

February 3


February 6


February 7


February 8


February 9

                   Short Hills, NJ



February 10

                   Buenos Aires


February 12

                  New Delhi

February 16

                   New York



February 17


                   San Diego

February 18


February 19



February 21


February 22

                   Portland, OR

                   San Francisco


February 23


                   Midtown NYC

February 24



                   Hong Kong

February 25


February 28



We're moving

We have moved.  

Please visit www.febclubemeritus.com for the full schedule.

Feb Club 2017

We are getting ready for Feb Club Emeritus X -- that's right, 10 years of Feb Club fun!  Please sign up to host via the Host a Feb Club Event page.

 The Calendar as of 1/16/2017 is on the left.  Click on the city name to get more information about the event.  Visit www.feclubemeritus.com for the most up to date calendar.  

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What is Feb Club Anyway?

It's a series of parties around the world for Yalies and their friends.

In 2008, a group of Yalies were bemoaning the fact that fact that their busy lives didn’t allow them to hang out with their Yale college friends anymore. What they needed was a stress-free, fun way to get together. What they wanted was an uncomplicated way to kick back and relax – no matter where on the globe they were.

What they built was Feb Club Emeritus.

Feb Club Emeritus is series of parties for Yalies around the world. Each night of February, there is at least one party; on most nights, there are many. From Atlanta to Zanzibar and everywhere in between, over 100 events draw over 5,000 Yalies annually.

Why is this done in February, you ask? Because this is what everyone remembers as one of the worst months of the winter on the Yale Campus. In fact, to alleviate the February doldrums, there have been student versions of Feb Club since the mid-1970s. 

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