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Feb Club Emeritus is a website, created in order to help get through the month of February with their sanity.  We tell you where parties are that might help you do that.  That's it.  The rest is up to you and the hosts and attendees of the individual events.

The purpose of Feb Club Emeritus is to have fun.  We cannot guarantee that you will have fun at a Feb Club Emeritus event, but we believe that it is highly likely based on past experience.  Of course, past experience is not an absolute predictor of future results, but we're pretty sure that you'll have a good time if you go to one of the parties.  You'll have a ton of fun if you go to more than one.
  1. Site contents
    1. You acknowledge and agree, that Feb Club Emeritus can look through and delete any information, messages, photos and member profiles, which under Feb Club Emeritus discretion do not meet the conditions of the present Agreement, and also offensive or illegal materials which may infringe on the rights of other members, harm or threaten the safety of other visitors of the Site.
    2. You bear full responsibility for the contents of materials, which you publish at the Site or transfer to other members or visitors of the Site.
    3. Feb Club Emeritus ensures confidential handling of your contact information entered in the profile
  2. Non-commercial use
    The site is intended only for personal use and cannot be used for commercial purposes. Organizations, companies and/or other associations have no right to be registered as members and use the Site. Any illegal and/or non-authorized use of the Site, will be investigated, and the measures of civil, administrative and criminal law will be applied to the infringers.
  3. Limited Liability
    Except for jurisdictions which do not recognize such liability limits, Feb Club Emeritus and those who run it do not bear responsibility before you or any third party for any direct, indirect, collateral or casual damage, incurred to you (incl. as a result of any sanctions, applied to you), including missed benefit as a result of use of the materials and services of the Site, even if a possibility of such damage was beforehand known to Feb Club Emeritus.
  4. News and E-Mail Notifications
    By registering in Feb Club Emeritus you agree to receive news and notifications into your e-mail.
  5. Pictures and other messy details
    From time to time, people send us pictures from Feb Club Emeritus events.  Or, we find them on Facebook.  By attending a Feb Club Emeritus we presume that you consent to have your picture taken and posted on this site.  If you do not want your picture on this site, please e-mail us at [email protected] and we will remove any picture causing you concern.  If you want us to tell your boss that you weren't really at the party depicted in those pictures that were just removed from the Feb Club Emeritus site so you really did have the "flu", please e-mail us at [email protected] and we will send in the note you need.  If your romantic judgment becomes impaired during a Feb Club Emeritus event and compromising photos are taken, please e-mail us a [email protected], and we will do what we can to remove the evidence from public view.

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